Jason Wood CEO on Marketing Best Practices for Granular Reach

Jason Wood CEO

March 18, 2021

Jason Wood CEO on Marketing Best Practices for Granular Reach

Jason Wood CEO states that granular reach refers to marketing specific details to the segment of the population interested in the product.

Granular means detail. When you use granular marketing, you market according to a single detail about the product or service that the target audience uses in decision-making, said Jason Wood CEO. For example, your market research shows that Great Dane owners comprise 40 percent of the population that purchases your dry dog food product. Owners of other breeds, such as Irish Wolfhounds, comprise 10 percent. No other breed owner equals the loyalty of the Great Dane owners. You investigate why the Great Dane owners love your product so much, and it turns out that it helps their dogs remain regular. The why behind their purchase is the granular detail.

This granular detail lets you create content on Great Dane’s health and the importance of regular elimination of wastes to canine health. It also provides you with important granular targeting information. You create a persona of Great Dane owners and begin targeting their segment of dog owners by purchasing advertising in publications catering to the breed. This lets you grow your audience and move new customers into your sales funnel. Your targeted ads explain how your dog food provides a better, healthier alternative, explains Jason Wood CEO.

Every company can delve into the details of their products, but the trick is to find the details that matter to the target audience and capitalize on those. Dog owners care about their dog’s health. Linking your product to a reduction in the development of common canine disease or health problem can help your sales to return to the dog food product example. Learning what details comprise the decision-making criteria for consumers lets you deep-dive into those items as they relate to your products or services, Jason Wood CEO says.

Granular marketing and granular targeting provide methods for you to effectively reach each segment of your overall target audience. When you cater to each specific niche within your target audience, you grow the customers in the segment and your overall customer base, Jason Wood CEO said. By targeting each niche segment, you better market to the entire target audience explains Jason Wood CEO. Put in the context of the dog food example, you would also investigate why the Irish Wolfhound owners and the German Shepherd owners purchase your product. You then create ads that address these reasons and place them in targeted publications. The overall effect is a growth in the number of customers purchasing your product and growth in each targeted segment.

You do not have to target only using advertising, says Jason Wood CEO. You also could use content marketing, social media posts, radio spots, etc. Using granular analysis lets you attribute successful messages by marketing medium to better hone your message and medium which results in money saved.

Jason Wood CEO summed it like this: “Granular marketing allows you to help people by showing your expertise in their niche.”