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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Jason Wood CEO, I’m sure he left your head spinning. Whether it was from his fast talking, the amount of technical terms he threw into your conversation, or the number of cups of coffee he had during your meeting, you can tell he’s non-stop. It’s a quality that his clients benefit from, since he’s constantly looking for the most effective channels to reach their audiences at a granular level.

Jason Wood is the owner and CEO of the largest digital marketing firm in his market, and it didn’t happen that way by accident. Jason Wood CEO’s been in the marketing game for 20 years, all of which have led him to one conclusion: the marketing space is always changing, and if you don’t grow with those changes you’ll be left for dead on the side of the road. Jason had owned several digital marketing businesses and been number one is sales for every job he has had since college! Jason Wood is known for his lightning-fast ability to look at a client’s product or service, look at their audience, and then deliver a strategy specifically tailored to that client’s needs.

Where did this guy come from, you ask? Well, Jason grew up in Kansas City, known for its jazz music, prosperous business, and BBQ. Jason Wood CEO attended college on a full athletic scholarship for diving, which helped instill a strong drive for success in the other areas of his life. Mr. Wood graduated with a B.S. in Marketing. In his spare time, Jason Wood CEO enjoys golfing, tennis, and cheering on the KC Royals and the Chiefs.

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Jason Wood CEO Explains How The YouTube Algorithm Has Changed in 2021
March 18, 2021

Jason Wood CEO Explains How The YouTube Algorithm Has Changed in 2021

Jason Wood CEO Explains How The YouTube Algorithm Has Changed in 2021 Jason Wood CEO knows YouTube better than most people. YouTube launched on February 14, 2005, and has changed the world as we know it. Anyone can log onto YouTube and find user-created content that pertains to their interests. However, what worked back in […]

Jason Wood CEO on Marketing Best Practices for Granular Reach
March 18, 2021

Jason Wood CEO on Marketing Best Practices for Granular Reach

Jason Wood CEO states that granular reach refers to marketing specific details to the segment of the population interested in the product. Granular means detail. When you use granular marketing, you market according to a single detail about the product or service that the target audience uses in decision-making, said Jason Wood CEO. For example, […]

February 17, 2021

Jason Wood Details Three Types of Digital Marketing Your Business Should Try

Digital Marketing Helps Your Business Grow Online. Let Jason Wood Explain What Digital Marketing Methods You Should Use. CEO Jason Wood, a marketing professional, knows how marketing can affect your business. Marketing helps you to increase your brand awareness among consumers, find new clients or customers, and ultimately, helps you to earn more money. One […]

February 2, 2021

Learn the Benefits of Working With a Professional Digital Marketer From Jason Wood

Jason Wood Helps to Explain What Value a Professional Digital Marketer Can Bring To Your Business Digital marketing is essentially a way of marketing your business digitally, including on the Internet and on Smart Phones. Digital marketing is becoming one of the best ways to grow your business and increase brand awareness. This is because people […]

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